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Boss retirement gifts are quite hard to come by because of several reasons: one is that there are not much bosses going around retiring (as compared to regular employees who amount to a lot), two is that a boss would most probably retire at a much later date because of the higher position and responsible laden job they have, and finally, because you have already retired way before your boss have (and got yourself a good retirement gift at that).

Still, if you are fortunate enough to experience a retirement event of a top dog of your company, be quite honored to witness such a rare occasion, and be quite anxious because of the relatively big pressure bestowed upon you and your colleagues.

To Thank

The most common reason why you would be presenting your boss a retirement gift is to thank him for the opportunity of working with him. In addition to this, thanking him for the different work policies which you have benefited from, the ups and downs of working with him and generally the whole working experience which made you exist today is a good thing to consider.

Normally, what can be done as part of the retirement gift for your boss is to have your company organize something big and grand like a party to commemorate your boss' achievements throughout his career. This is a good way to start the retirement proceedings as it would boost the morale of the outgoing boss and also uplifts and instills a festive mood for others not because of the retirement itself but because there is a party itself which everyone is enjoying.

Go Get Some Brownie Points

The reason why you are going to get your boss something for his retirement is not necessarily to suck up and hope to rub elbows with him to serve as a step on the corporate ladder. For one, your boss is already going to retire and that notion does not have any effect or bearing anymore on your current working position.

Though the topic is stated as getting on the good side of your boss, it is just to show him your good natured disposition that you have indeed experienced a fulfilling working environment while you were serving under him.

Also considering the idea of his influence of putting in a good word about you to those top dogs still operating your company, you may have a better shot if time calls for an opening in a higher position. Call it politics, but it is different in a way that you just want put a little reminder in the memory of those in the higher corporate hierarchy to remember your name.

Still, no amount of sucking up would justify a shot at a higher position. The actual performance and evaluation in work still serves as a basis for your possible promotion. Therefore, you got to be ready with a good and impressive record as well.

Need Not Be Extravagant

Boss retirement gifts need not be extravagant as to go out of your way and sacrifice what resources you may have just to impress your boss. As mentioned earlier, it may be a simple but well organized farewell party, complete with all the formalities and commemorative elements to further honor his participation in the company's existence.

After all, your primary objective in giving a retirement gift is to show some appreciation anyway.

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